About Me!

So who is LindaK?

Well, LindaK is a mother of three grown children, a daughter and two sons a daughter-in-law, and a grandmother of two gorgeous little ones, both are very special to me. Plus, one more on it way! I am currently on sick leave from work, due to an automobile accident last year. One being a concussion, and mobility of my neck.  I also live with several disorders, Crohn's, Gastroparesis, Arterial Septal Defect, just to name a few. But, these don't get me down, unless you put me in the hospital and disrupt my days. That is right, I hate to be disrupted.

Why does LindaK make cards? 

LindaK makes cards in order to find a way for her to try to relax, mentally and physically. Since the accident, memory has been a problem. And, somehow it just isn't like it used to be. I forget people names.I struggle continually even to remember what people tell me. I have three date books. One, in my purse where I write down every appointment, and take a card with me home so that I put it in the home calendar. Then I have that trusty one on my phone! It is not really trusty....or it is me that isn't. Seeing how I put in appointments and lose them. They just drop off. Then is forgetting peoples names, not just friends but family too.

The cards that I make are donated. I donate or give them to people all the time. I carry them with me most times, and share them with those willing to share. So making cards, and donating them has been very good for me.

I would love to see some type of program in Canada where cards are donated to teachers and school councillors so that they can share these cards with students no matter what their reason. You see, I do believe that cards brighten the world and no matter what type of card they all will bring people together. Even when they are miles apart.

So I will take you on my journey, to learning about card making. I have had some of the best teachers that can be found on You Tube. Yes, I did say, You Tube! Now don't run away. Really, they taught me all I know. Well, not all. But, they taught me a great deal, of what not to do! Kind of.

Making homemade card is good for me.

I get lost in my own little world and relax.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.


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